Maggie MacKay:
Magical Tracker
Series Order

Book One
Maggie for Hire

Book Two
Maggie Get Your Gun

Book Three
Maggie on the Bounty

Book Four
M&K Tracking

Book Five
The M-Team

Book Six
Maggie Goes to Hollywood

Book Seven
Maggie Reloaded

Book Eight
Maggie Goes Medieval

Short Stories
The Ghost & Ms. MacKay
Red, White, and Maggie
Maggie MacKay:  Magical Tracker Series
"If urban fantasy could be
bottled, then this story is a
shot-glass full of
- Dark Side of the Covers
"Combine vampires,
ghouls, and one
whip-smart, take-charge
heroine, and you have a
recipe for success.  
Kate Danley has served
up a female lead
character to fill the gap
that the ending of Buffy
the Vampire Slayer left
in the world of
- Twisting the Lens
The writing is fast
paced, the quips are
fun, and Maggie
cracked me up
fierce...Quirky, fun
and gory, I can
envision Maggie on a
lot of different
adventures down the
-Once Upon a Time
"The plot is
action-packed, full of
gory detail, and
overflowing with the
'unladylike behavior'
promised on the back

-The Paperback Pursuer
M&K Tracking
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Seven Against the Dark
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-Hey! I Read
That Book
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Red, White, and

A Maggie MacKay
Holiday Short Story