East High Drama
October 6 - 8, 2016
Rising Sun Performance
December 6, 2015

A Project of A.R.T./New York,
Brooklyn, New York
The True Meaning of
Building Madness
3m, 3w
90 minutes, Two Acts

WINNER PANOWSKI PLAYWRITING AWARD 2016 - Max and Paul are just trying to keep their architecture company afloat, but they
accidentally hired the mob to build a police retirement home.  They may never get the project done in this screwball comedy, but they are most
definitely building madness.
2m, 2w
90 minutes, One Act

OVERALL WINNER OF RENEGADE N.O.W. THEATER FESTIVAL 2017 -  What seems like a pleasant dinner party turns into an exploration of
power in this malleable fusion of scripted text and improv.
The Camera, the Gerbil, and the Big, Wide World
1m, 2w
20 minutes

A life-long friendship is begun over the love of a gerbil and kept alive over the years and distance through photography.
Kings of the World
3 m  -or-  2m, 1w
10 minutes

3rd PLACE WINNER 10x10x10 FESTIVAL FELLS POINT CORNER THEATER - Bud and Jeb know exactly how to change the world. If only they
can get off their barstools...
(many available to read on the New Play Exchange)
Please contact Kate Danley at katedanley@gmail.com if you are
associated with a theater for reading copies or licensing inquiries.
3, gender neutral
10 minutes

When the world tells you to sit still, sometimes you have to realize you have the power to get up.
written by Joe Purcell & Kate Danley
1m, 2w
10 minutes

What happens when two serial killers pick each other up on a lonely road?  Sometimes the best friendships are forged in the most unusual circumstances.
The True Meaning of Christmas
2m, 2w
10 minutes

Four mall employees try to plan the theme for the Santa's Corner picture area. But in this world of crass commercialism, will they be able to figure out the true
meaning of Christmas? Probably not..
Meet the Family
2m, 2w
10 minutes
Halloween Themed

Sue has a habit of dating monsters, but what happens when she brings a REAL monster home to meet the family?
The Camera,
The Gerbil, and the
Big, Wide World
October 24 & 25, 2015

The Public House Theater
Twelve Ways to Play One-Act Festival
Cone Man
Five Minute Mile
Theater on the
Run Festival
by Joe Purcell &
Kate Danley
Queensbury Theatre
Houston, Texas
December 9-19, 2015
Previous Productions
December 4-6, 10-12, 2015

The Willitis Community Theatre
Willits, CA 95490
My one-act play, The True Meaning of Christmas,
will be produced at the Willitis Community Theatre
in their December Festival.
directed by Kevin Cochran
January 21-February 14, 2016
"If you love those great old screwball comedies from
Hollywood’s Golden Era of the 1930s, you will love
Building Madness, the new play from award-winning
author, Kate Danley, at the Grove Theater Center in

Featuring a picture perfect cast performing in the
sophisticated style and rapid-fire word play of those
classic films and seeing it all done live is a treat. The
plot is straight-forward fun, and what author Danley
does with it is rich."
-John K. Adams, Tolucan Times
Visit buildingmadness.com for more information on the show
June 2 - 12,
1m, 1w
10 minutes

TOP 10 LAKESHORE PLAYERS 12th ANNUAL 10-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL - John just needs to buy a pair of socks before an important meeting, but if
shopgirl Mary has her way, he will end up in quite a pair.
Published Plays
Late Shift
1m, 1w
40 minutes, One Act

A career waitress and a new cook find themselves working the late shift.  As these two clash waiting for a 2:00 a.m. rush that may not ever
happen, they discover that hopes and dreams come too late for some, and sometimes people are too late in their lives to make a shift.
Margie's Interview
1m, 1w
10 minutes

The local elementary school needs a new arts and crafts teacher.  A local lumberjack needs a new job.
WordPlay Reading
produced by Theatre Lab UK

February 8, 2017 at 7:30PM

Bath Spa Live at Burdall's Yard
7A Anglo Terrace
London Road, Bath, BA1 5NH
Featuring my play
Canadian Premiere
Directed by Patty Ram

January 19-February 4, 2017

Grande Prairie Live Theatre
10130 98 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0P6
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10x10x10 Festival
March 31st - April 16th, 2017

Featuring The Enigma
by Kate Danley
Overall Winner of
Renegade N.O.W.
Renegade Theater
Festival, 2017
1m, 5w
90 minutes, Two Acts

SEMI-FINALIST O'NEILL NATIONAL PLAYWRIGHTS CONFERENCE - Grace and Amy are just two regular girls working as secretaries in a soul
sucking office. But when their boss chokes on an oatmeal raisin cookie, it starts a domino effect of death and disaster in this female-driven,
dark comedy.
Featuring - Meet The Family
All of these plays are available for license.  Please contact Kate Danley at
Kings of the World
Itinerant Theatre’s 2018
New Plays “Making a
Difference” Selection
Kings of the World

NW10 Festival
March 2018